Ranch Management Consultants provides exciting and interactive speakers to teach the tools
ranchers need to
that can be in families for generations to come.


Hosting a Ranching for Profit Workshop provides a valuable service to your members and clients. For many, attending a workshop is the first step toward building a successful business.

For over 35 years the Ranching for Profit School has helped thousands of ranchers on four continents increase profit and improve their land. Ranching for Profit Workshops bring bite size sections of the full school to local audiences.

We tailor each workshop to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization and the audience.

Workshops range in length from 2-hours to two-full days depending on the desires of the host. Whether the subject is economics, succession, ecology, grazing or building a more effective management team on the ranch/farm; RMC instructors deliver a dynamic program full of practical ideas that will leave the audience energized with new tools to improve their business.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please complete the workshop request form with the following information so we can best serve your needs and prepare a quote.

● Who is your target audience and what do you hope they will learn?
● Anticipated number of attendees.
● Preferred dates and location.
● Desired length of workshop.

Workshop Request Form Workshop Host Guide

We can build workshops on a variety of topics, but our most requested workshops are the following:

The 3 Secrets for Increasing Profit

● See if your ranch is really a business or just a low-paying, physically-demanding job.
● Economics vs finance: learn why economics always comes first.
● Discover the three things that any business can do to increase profit.
● Learn how to identify which of these 3 is the weak link and build a plan to address it.

The Economic Leverage of Good Grazing

● Understand the economic value of building ecological health in your business.
● Learn the foundations of soil health and how to build soil health through management.
● Explore ecological processes and what you can do to support them.
● Learn the five essential principles of grazing.
● Discover how you can increase productivity, reduce your workload and increase profit.

To enhance this workshop you can include a field portion on a partnering ranch. We recommend 2-3 stops on the ranch that can include the following discussions/activities:

● Visual soil assessment – what are we looking for as indicators of soil health.
● Estimating carrying capacity – learn how to visually assess your ranch’s carrying capacity.
● Exploring severity of grazing – severe grazing is not overgrazing, but it has many compounding effects – we will lead an exercise to identify and explore severity of grazing and the relationships to other factors.

Management Succession in the Ag Business

● Learn the difference between asset succession and management succession.
● Explore case studies of success and failure of management succession.
● Identify best practices for succession success.
● Hear from businesses who got it right and what they did.

Instructors of RFP Workshops are the same as the instructors for the RFP school.
Requests for specific instructors can be made but will depend on availability.

These days haveTOTALLYCHANGED my outlook on LIFE!

–Lowell Krisher