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Cattlemen v. Grassmen: The Ins and Outs of Cell Grazing 

In this workshop you will … See why the most profitable cattlemen are grassmen first. Find out if your ranch is structured to work with, or to fight, nature. Learn the five essential principles of cell grazing. Discover how you can increase productivity, reduce your workload and increase profit.    

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Hard Work & Harmony: Effective Relationships in Family Businesses

In this workshop you will … Define and quantify “owner value.” Learn how to get everyone on the same page. Discover how you can hold family members accountable without damaging relationships. Develop a draft management succession plan.

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The 3 Secrets For Increasing Profit

In this workshop you will … See if your ranch is really a business or just a low-paying, physically-demanding job. Learn the difference between economics and finance and why economics always comes first. Discover the only three things that any business can do to increase profit. Use the RFP benchmarks to find out which one […]

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