What Our Graduates Say- RFP

“We wouldn't be in business if we hadn't gone through that school.”
–Kyle Marshall, NE
“Before we went to the school the ranch was running $200,000 in the red. Within 3-1/2 years of implementing all of our changes we were $200,000 in the black.”
–Bart Story, MT
"It saved my ranch it saved my family life! NOW THATS POWERFUL!!!"
–PJ Kimmel, MT
“Outstanding! The instructors managed to take a huge variety of experience levels and make it work for everyone.”
–Jim Lusk, Montana
“It was a life changing experience, We started with nothing. In 3 years there are 5 (family members) on the payroll."
–Bud Williamson, WY
“(The school) far exceeded what I thought I would get out of it and I was expecting a lot."
–Brett Nix, SD
"Ranching For Profit gave me the tools to build a profitable business in an unprofitable industry,"
–Josh Hoy, KS
“This school has been a gold mine of information and ideas.”
–Richard Parry, CO
“When we focused on profit our life got so much better."
–Derek Schwanebeck, NE
“You can't find a better investment for your future. I learned more in one week than in 4 years (of college)."
–Dan Lorenz, WY
“The thoughts and ideas presented at the school challenge your ideas about ranching. It’s changed my mental attitude. I’m excited about the future of ranching again.”
–Rick Doud, South Dakota
“I see simple solutions to major problems that perplexed me for years."
–George Shadbold, Nebraska
“It's not all about ranching. It's about how you operate a business efficiently and profitably."
––Jay Wommack, TX
“The presentation of those ideas struck home so much stronger because of how they were presented. I have a much, much better idea of how to incorporate those ideas into our business. It was a very powerful experience."
–John Maddux, NE
“I have learned more about ranching in seven days than I have in the last 20 years.”
–Don Halladay, Alberta
“Ranching for Profit gave us the tools to make a successful life out of seemed a horrible lost cause.”
–George Reid, Alberta
“My experience was phenomenal. (The instructor) was able to take complex ideas and distill them (so that) you can really understand them and figure out how you are going to apply them to your own operations."
–Kim Beatty, MT
“It gets down to the serious issues. Breakthroughs happen. I thought it was fantastic."
–Cleve Witham, MT
“RFP helped stop the bleeding. Be prepared for revolutionary thinking.”
–John Marble, Oregon
“I don't think my business would survive without Ranching For Profit.”
–Jeremiah Dailey, Kansas
“If you are not running a profitable business you cannot NOT afford to come, if you are willing to learn."
–Jack Baird, WY
“You need to invest in yourself. I don't think there's a better investment you can make in yourself than Ranching For Profit. What you learn, the broad approach, it's priceless in my opinion."
–Rich Wilke, KY
“My husband and I can now work as a team. We are both on the same page.”
–Sharon Bedford, Montana
“Tremendous wake up! You've provided me with tools to analyze my information. I haven't found this anywhere else.”
–Robert Smith, Alberta
“It opened my eyes and my mind to all sorts of new things and making the impossible possible, and that's what was so exciting to me."
–James McAllen, TX
“Ranching For Profit equips you with tools to make better decisions."
–Wes McAllister, SC
"For the price of one cheap bull you can change your entire ranching operation."
–Cam Gardner, AB
“The course will blow your mind! It’s value to our business, I think, is 100 fold what it cost to attend. The range of subjects covered is broader than I ever thought possible.”
–John Powell, Texas