What Our Graduates Say – EL

“Nearly everything we do relates back to what we learned from Ranching For Profit and through Executive Link."
–Glenn and Joy Barlow, WY
“We wouldn't have gotten as far as we did and make as many positive changes as we did if we hadn't had the support of the board."
–Mark Kossler, NM
"Six minds that are focused for three days analyzing my business is a really powerful tool."
–Paul Foley, SK
“In a year we were able to take our business and put it in a place't have thought possible or even attempted if it weren't for our board's support and continuing education."
–Theresa Gillham, CO
“The EL gives me deadlines that hold me accountable for working on the business not just in the business. It makes us a professional business instsad of a collection of jobs on a ranch that are never completed."
–Stacy Davies, OR
"Without participating in the EL we would still be paralyzed by the enormity of our options and challenges. The board and action planning process helped us move forward toward things that previously seemed impossible."
–Wendy Lankister, WY
“So many things out of the school would have stayed on the shelf it had hadn't been for Executive Link."
–Pete Ferrell, KS
“EL motivates you and pushes you to get things done in a timely manner."
–Kevin Evans, WY
"Ranching is a business, and if you aren't on the cutting edge you are falling behind. Executive Link is our tool for staying competitive."
–Dwight Maseberg, NE
“Having people look deep into our business has been big. But also looking into other people financials has really benefited us. We went from getting along on our salary to doubling our income. It's made a huge difference."
–Jessee Chapman, OK
“If you want to make some real changes in your operation and you are committed to that, than Executive Link is for you."
–Cam Gardner, AB
"A lot of things I'd thought about, when I got into Executive link, people were already doing. You can pick their brains and shorten up your learning curve."
–Aaron Albaugh, CA
"Taking the school and joining EL is the most rewarding investment our family has ever made. Every dollar spent has been returned 50 times in hard currency and quality of life."
–Cam Gardner, AB