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Social Distancing Rancher Style

by Dallas Mount

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, all of us in America are changing many of our habits and routines to try and slow the spread. While social distancing is the norm for many in the ranching profession, we are most certainly adjusting our routines in the coming weeks and perhaps months. In my house, the major impacts are reduction in a travel schedule for me, the kids starting online school this week and grocery stores have less selection than usual.

One outcome for many of us is newfound freedom on our calendars from previous commitments that are now cancelled. It is also likely that many of the key decision makers in your business have more availability. I want to challenge you to not fill that time with busy work around the ranch but use it for high-value strategic planning that so often gets overlooked in our businesses. 

Here is a punch list of items you might consider attacking (we have included some links for details on certain planning concepts):

That’s a good start, but by no means comprehensive. How are you doing on each of these things listed above? Are they completed, written down and communicated among the key individuals in your business? If not, is that a problem? If the ranch is a hobby you can argue that many of these strategic plans don’t apply. If the ranch is a business, or you want it to be a business, then I think every single one of these apply.

Right now, is as good a time to start as any. Schedule a time to meet in person or virtually (if you use zoom, make sure you password your meeting – ask me how I know!!) with the people in your business and get after it.  

2 Responses to “Social Distancing Rancher Style”

April 08, 2020 at 7:37 am, Derek Schwanebeck said:

We’ve been in the RFP clan since 2000. We are still working on these very things. I’ll be working on some of them today. It’s always a work in progress, however it’s the most important work I do. Bottom line, if I hadn’t been investing valuable time on Working On The Business since 2000; we wouldn’t be in business.


April 09, 2020 at 6:54 am, Shanon Sims said:

We have found that COVID-19 has created an incredible opportunity to network with professionals from around the world. These folks are hunkered down and love the opportunity to connect. Online meetings with Australian marketers, University of Nebraska Extension, and Ranching For Profit folks have provided several inspirations that we are working into our operation. Who would’ve thought that social distancing would create such a great opportunity for professional development?!!


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