RFP Online

RFP online is a collection of support materials to help you apply the principles of Ranching for Profit.  Only alumni of the Ranching for Profit School are eligible to enroll in RFP online.

RFP online includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of each step of the RFP Economic Planning Process
  • Excel spreadsheets for application of the RFP Economic Planning Process
  • Deep dive into determining overheads for your business
  • Detailed explanation of benchmarks and how to apply them to find the deadwood in your business
  • Archived ProfitTips

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RFP online also includes detailed step-by-step procedures for applying tools taught at RFP to get the people on the same page including:

  • ICA process
  • Organization structure
  • Effectiveness area
  • Position agreements

RFP online will be updated frequently with new material as it comes available.

RFP online is available to Ranching for Profit School alumni businesses for $20/month.  One subscription provides access for one login account that can be shared with anyone in your business.

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