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by Dallas Mount

RFP school

One of the challenges in working in the ranching profession is the difficulty of finding a network of forward thinking, driven and creative problem solvers. Many of us enjoy the ability to work on our own or with a small team, but when it comes to strategic level visioning and planning it sure helps to have a network of peers to push you. People attending the Ranching for Profit School and the Executive Link program often comment that they have never experienced the power of a group of people like they do at these programs. We attract forward thinking people from diverse geographic locations and various types of operations, interested in their own professional development. If you are convinced there is no way to make significant improvements in your business or to find new strategies to improve profitability you wouldn’t make the investment to attend our programs.

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”

– Rachel Wolchin

I’m hoping most of you have heard about RFP Online by now. It is our newly developed online platform available to alumni of the Ranching for Profit School that includes support material on applying the principles taught at the school. It includes dozens of step-by-step videos and downloadable spreadsheets for running the economic model for a variety of enterprises. As we developed RFP Online, we wanted to find a way to capture the network of the RFP Alumni and bring that to subscribers. So we decided to create RFP Online webinars. Since the pandemic has increased adoption of virtual meetings, we didn’t want to create another boring Zoom meeting. Our approach is to invite ranchers on as guests to be interviewed via Zoom on their success and struggles implementing the RFP principles. We strive to take the conversation to a deeper level than most, as all participants will have the shared experience of RFP.  The interview will be recorded and archived for later viewing, but then we will stop the recording and transition to break-out discussions for those on the live webinar.  This is an opportunity to honor the statement of the founder of RMC, Stan Parsons, “The answer is in the team.” Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the application of the topic to their situation. Then we come back together for a final Q&A with the guest that is also not recorded allowing the guest to get into potentially more sensitive details around the topic.  

Our aspiration with the RFP Online webinar series is that we are able to keep growing the RFP network for all of you. To give you a frequent push, encouragement, and connection with others who are striving to move their businesses and their lives forward. We hope you will join us live on an upcoming webinar to connect with other RFP alumni to reignite the enthusiasm you felt after RFP. In the meantime we also have a private facebook group open to all RFP alumni, click here to join.


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