Ranching For Profit School

The Ranching For Profit School will help you to find the breakthroughs that will improve the health and productivity of your ranch, the profitability of your business and the quality of your life.


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AT The Ranching For Profit School
you will learn to...

Increase your Profit!

  • Find simple strategies to reduce your workload and increase profit.
  • Identify and take full advantage of your ranch’s “profit drivers.”
  • Create a plan to improve the financial health of your ranch.

Improve your Management

  • Get everyone on the same page regarding the purpose and direction of the business.
  • Create systems to hold people accountable for results and improve relationships.
  • Discover tools that will lead to better decisions and give you more confidence in your decisions.

Improve the health and productivity of your land and livestock

  • Improve the productivity of pastures without seeding, spraying or other counter-productive practices.
  • Increase carrying capacity while reducing your workload and cutting operating costs.
  • Drought proof your ranch.

Position your ranch to thrive for generations to come

  • Reduce stress and increase the joy you and your team derive from ranching.
  • Create a business that can support multiple families and that people want to be a part of.
  • Draft your management succession plan.


  • “Just do it because I guarantee that if you think you know it all you don’t!” – McKay Haderlie

  • “After going to the school we had hope, that there was a better way and that I would be able someday to be involved [in the ranch business].”
    Heidi Stoltz, WY

  • “We met people from all over that had all kinds of new ideas … they live in a completely different environment than us but they have the same problems. It was really encouraging to see that we were not alone in this.”
    Tricia and P.J. Kimmel, MT

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