The Three Secrets For Increasing Profit (DVD)

“This video is jam packed full with great information. We have watched and rewatched it and each time we glean another ‘nugget’ that hits home.”
–Darlene & Darren Fisk

Taped live at a workshop in Salina, Kansas, this DVD is a fantastic introduction to the Ranching For Profit School and a great review for RFP alumni. Dave Pratt teaches principles that have helped thousands of ranchers on four continents increase the profitability of their businesses and the quality of their lives.

Engaging, insightful, provocative and funny, Dave challenges many common practices of modern ranching. He offers insights and tools that will improve the profitability of your business.

The workshop covers topics that include:

  • Do you own a business or a job?
  • Are you doing things right or doing the right things?
  • The three secrets for increasing profit.
  • Benchmarking: Finding your deadwood and profit drivers.
  • Wealthy on the balance sheet and broke at the bank.
  • And much more . . .

Approximate run time is 3 hours, 49 minutes.

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“The three Secrets For increasing Profit DVD delves into the practical concepts that you can use to transform your farming business dreams into a profitable reality.”
–Jeremy Swartzfager, PA