New Paths for RMC

by Dallas Mount

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Last ProfitTips, I reflected on the amazing past 40 years of RMC and this time I’d like to share with you some exciting new partnerships and efforts of RMC.

Partnership with Noble Research Institute

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb. In my short time leading RMC, several organizations have reached out wanting to partner with us but none felt right until this one. Noble Research Institute based in Ardmore, OK is about 3 years into a major strategic shift. Their mission is to support regenerative ranchers in building land, grazing, and business health. RMC is perfectly aligned with this mission. We are excited to partner with them by sharing our time-tested curriculum and tools for a new program that Noble will be launching in June 2024, Business Essentials. Noble brings a great team that has the ability to broaden the reach of this material as well as a research program dedicated to deepening our collective knowledge of regenerative ag. I look forward to where the RMC and Noble partnership will take us and the positive impact we will have with ranchers across the region.

5-Day Ranching for Profit School

During the 2024-25 school season we will be doing three 5-day Ranching for Profit Schools. For decades the Ranching for Profit School (RFP) has been a 7-day format with days 1 and 7 each being half-days. We know that attending RFP is a big commitment in both time and money. When you account for travel days to and from, this can be a 9-day commitment for some of our clients to attend the current 7-day RFP. So we understand that the current length of the school is a major obstacle for some folks wanting to attend RFP. Many who attend RFP tell us their main reason for coming is to learn the economic and financial tools we teach. The 5-day RFP will still contain the same amount of content around economics, finance, business strategy, and people management but we will reduce the amount of content around grazing, ecology, and livestock nutrition and reproduction. Another benefit of the 5-day RFP format is that content applies to any business. Over the past few years, we have found ag business leaders without livestock, or those where livestock is only a small part of their operation are attending RFP for the business principles. Everything we teach at a 5-day RFP will apply to any business, not just those who raise grazing animals. Our primary clients will continue to be those who run and lead ranches, but we all benefit from other perspectives that a diverse mix of clients can bring to a school. If the struggle of finding a 7-day time block to attend RFP is a challenge, the 5-day format might be right for you. The 5-day RFP will start Monday morning at 8 AM and conclude Friday at noon, allowing for easier travel. The first 5-day Ranching for Profit School will be in Phoenix on December 2-6, 2024 and we just opened registration.  

RMC has always been a dynamic company looking to meet our clients needs in changing times. So we will continue to respond to opportunities while addressing the needs of our clients to position RMC for the next 40 years. I, for one, am truly excited for the opportunity to position RMC for the future by staying true to our roots.

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March 27, 2024 at 4:00 am, John Marble said:

Regarding the idea of offering a five-day school that broadens the target audience…brilliant. Looks like a way to increase turnover without affecting overheads. Good thinking.


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