Access to Cash Creates Opportunities

by Dallas Mount

cash calculation

This fall it has been energizing to engage with hundreds of ranch business owners from across North America through the Executive Link Program we lead, as they tackle tough challenges and exciting opportunities in their businesses. At our fall Executive Link (EL) meeting we do a ½ day continuing education program. This time John Haskell of Ranch Right LLC, provided a practical and engaging session on how to develop some simple and powerful metrics around financial reports. One he discussed was “Days of Working Capital”. John showed participants how to calculate, and more importantly, the power of this metric. In short, “Days of Working Capital” is how much cash you could get your hands on in 30 days, divided by the total daily expenses to operate the business. The target John suggested is to have 150 days of working capital on hand.  

Too many ag businesses are running well below this 150-day target. This ratio could also be called the “How well are you sleeping ratio” or “How stressed are you about the business ratio”.  When access to cash gets tight, stress around the business goes up. Running out of cash to run the business is like having a vehicle, but not being able to put gas in it. Everything comes to a halt and getting work done gets very difficult.

Having access to cash for your business to operate gives you options. If you’re in a drought, you have choices. When the next black swan event strikes the market, you have options. When an opportunity presents itself, you can strike.  

Having a line of credit isn’t the same thing as having access to cash. When things get interesting and opportunities and challenges arise, it is often at the same time banks tend to freeze operating money.  

Do the math for yourself and figure out your days of working capital. How much cash could you put your hands on with 30 days notice? What is the daily burn rate of your business (This number is likely to surprise you)? How many days of working capital do you have? What is your target? How do you plan to get there?

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November 08, 2023 at 10:12 am, garry said:

We are seeing cash flow problems with farms that are dependent on short term loans. The rise in interest rates caught many farmers off guard. Ag sectors that aren’t as profitable currently as cow-calf operations are having trouble renewing and affording production loans. We’re not in the 1980’s again but we’re heading in that direction.


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