Healthy land, happy families and profitable businesses.
Your land. Your family. Your business.


Our internationally acclaimed Ranching For Profit School empowers people like you to transform their ranches into successful businesses.

Our graduate support programs, RFP Next Steps and Executive Link, provide structure, support, and accountability to help people accomplish more, faster than they can on their own.


  1. We deliver the goods.
    Whether you have a high school diploma or an MBA, a ranch that’s struggling or a network of ranches firing on all cylinders, our programs will give you the tools and insights you need to improve your business.
  2. We deliver them in style!
    Our instructors don’t just present information, they teach it! Our small group approach with team and class discussions, case studies, videos, constant interaction and direct application to the participants’ own situation makes for a fun, effective learning environment.
  3. We will support you.
    Things don’t magically change because you learn something new. You still have to roll up your sleeves and get to work … not just IN your business, but ON it too. RMC has programs and tools to support you every step of the way.



    Ranching For Profit School instructors have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Each RFP teacher has a rich practical background in ranching. They spend two years learning the RFP curriculum and the RFP teaching processes before they teach their first class. They use a number of highly effective classroom techniques, real-life case studies, and a healthy dose of humor.

    Dallas Mount has sat at hundreds of kitchen tables and delivered workshops to thousands of ranchers across the US, Canada, and Australia to help them improve the profitability and overall health of their businesses. He has hands-on experience working in cow-calf, yearling, feedlot and hay enterprises. He received his BS and MS from Colorado State University in Animal Science. Dallas cut his teeth working with the University of Wyoming Extension service beginning in 2001. Dallas started teaching the Ranching For Profit School in 2012 and quickly established himself as an elite instructor. Dallas, his wife Dixie, and their two teenage kids own and manage a cell-grazing operation near Wheatland, WY. In 2019 he purchased Ranch Management Consultants from Dave and Kathy Pratt. Dallas currently serves as CEO of RMC leading the Ranching For Profit School and the Executive Link Program creating profitable businesses, with healthy land and happy families.

    Dave Pratt is one of the most sought-after speakers on sustainable agriculture and profitable ranching in the world today. He has taught the Ranching for Profit School in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Africa.

    Dave grew up on a small ranch and worked for cattle and sheep ranchers in Northern California where he learned ranching from the bottom up. In addition to his practical roots, Dave holds BS and MS degrees from the University of California and Washington State University. A Range and Livestock Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension Service for 15 years, Dave researched cell grazing and strategic issues impacting the sustainability of ranches.

    In 1991 Dave began working with Stan Parsons, the founder of Ranch Management Consultants. He started teaching the Ranching for Profit School in 1992. When Stan retired in 2001, Dave and his wife Kathy, bought RMC. In 2019 after many successful years they sold the company to Dallas Mount.

    John Locke is a partner in the Locke Division of JD Hudgens located in Hungerford, TX.  John is a gifted instructor and connects with participants because he has been in their shoes. John grew up raising registered Brahman cattle and still is heavily involved in the family’s business, but knew there was more to ranching than raising quality cattle. John and his family got involved in Ranching for Profit and were members of Executive Link for 6 years during which time John took on a larger leadership role in their business and has become a leader in regenerative grazing. John is passionate about the principles taught at Ranching for Profit and has experienced firsthand the transformation of the application of those principles can make in a ranching business.


    Experienced facilitators guide new Executive Link members through their first board meetings and are present for about 20% of the meetings for tenured boards. The tools and processes they use ensure productive meetings with powerful results.

    EL members receive access to training materials on several effective facilitation tools and develop skills through practice using these tools. These prove valuable not only in the Executive Link boardrooms, but also in navigating difficult family conversations, and to facilitate meetings in community or industry organizations.

    Ranching For Profit Instructors are present at most EL meetings to serve as facilitators, we also use experienced alumni of RFP and EL as facilitators. Some of these alumni include:

    Jennifer Brosius grew up on a farm/ranch near the Platte Valley in Nebraska. She graduated from Chadron State College in Nebraska with a major in Agri-Business. Jennifer started her career in the banking business as a teller then worked her way into credit analysis and agricultural/commercial lending before moving into human resources. In 2019 Jennifer and Robert transitioned from leasing ranches to managing a large ranch in Southwest Nebraska. Jennifer is a full-time employee of the cow/calf and yearling ranch doing ranch analysis and serving as a day worker for the different herds.

    Robert Brosius grew up on a family ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. He holds a BS in Agri-Business and a minor in Animal Science. After college, Robert and his wife, Jennifer, started ranching on their own. Robert says, “This was when our real education started.”

    Robert and Jennifer attended Ranching For Profit school in 2016 and immediately started implementing the principles they learned there. With the RFP tools the Brosius Ranch cowherd grew and new opportunities arose. After 18 years of leasing ranches the couple has transitioned to managing a large ranch in Southwest Nebraska. The ranch employees 12 full-time employees, maintains three cow herds, raises their own replacement heifers and bulls as well runs their own steers along with purchased calves over as yearlings.

    Kyle Marshall, an EL member for 8 years, displayed a knack for identifying core issues and helping his boardmates identify and evaluate options. In addition to restructuring his own ranch to increase the carrying capacity and produce a healthy profit, Kyle helped many of his boardmates produce powerful results. Kyle lives with his wife Kristin and their children Trent, Chloe, and Cody on their ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska where their main enterprise is custom grazing. They enjoy life on the ranch and chasing their kids around to all their activities, especially rodeo.

    Roger Ingram retired in 2017 after a long and distinguished career with University of California Cooperative Extension. Roger taught hundreds of ranchers how to use cell grazing to improve their land and increase their profit. Roger earned BS and MS degrees from Texas A & M. He’s been helping Executive Link members identify core problems and create plans to overcome them since 2006.

    Derek Schwanebeck ranches with his family in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska near Ellsworth. Derek and his wife Leesa are graduates of Ranching for Profit and long time members of Executive Link. Derek shows a unique skill in asking the questions no one else has considered and pushing EL members to create the businesses they want to build. Through experience with his board and in his business Derek understand the facilitative processes used in EL and often employs the processes during board meetings to help members get results. Derek is passionate about education for ranchers hosting annual grazing schools and stockmanship classes on his ranch that are attended by ranchers from across the US and Canada.

    Dallas Mount is a Ranching For Profit School instructor and has been facilitating Executive Link meetings since 2012. He is experienced using the Ranching For Profit processes to help families define and quantify owner value, and create and implement plans to achieve it.

    Dave Pratt is a Ranching For Profit School instructor. In addition to his wealth of experience, Dave has a tool box full of simple but effective facilitative processes. Those processes have earned Dave a reputation for helping people get to the heart of the problem and find win-win solutions.

    Melody Villard attended the Ranching for Profit School in 2011 and saw the benefit of becoming an EL member immediately after the school. Together with her husband, Albert, they spent 6 years learning and growing themselves and their business in the EL. The Villards own and a range sheep operation in northwest Colorado. They have four children: son, Kelton and daughters Chloe, Rylee and Tess. Strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and adaptability are some of her top strengths lending to positive and productive discussion and outcomes.


    Teachers and facilitators are supported by a highly effective, dedicated team at the RMC office.

    Not pictured –Candy Anderson, part time administrative assistant and Andrea Davis-Cetina as she is based out of Maryland

    Photo Credit: Mark DeLap

    Dallas Mount is the owner and CEO of RMC. Dallas started teaching the Ranching For Profit School in 2012 and quickly established himself as an elite instructor. Dallas, his wife Dixie, and their two teenage kids own and manage a cell-grazing operation near Wheatland, WY.  Dallas worked for the University of Wyoming for about 19 years working with ranchers on profit focused business strategies and grazing management. In 2019 he purchased Ranch Management Consultants from Dave and Kathy Pratt. Dallas currently serves as CEO of RMC leading the Ranching For Profit School and the Executive Link Program creating profitable businesses, with healthy land and happy families.

    Marilyn McKinley is the lead admin/office manager with RMC and joined the team in October 2019 when RMC relocated to Wheatland, WY.  Marilyn is a native of Wyoming, born and raised in Cheyenne and raised her family in Wheatland. She is married to Brett and has 5 kids Andrew & Hannah, Jacob, Jeremy & Sadie. Marilyn worked with Dallas at the University of Wyoming Extension for five years before making the jump to RMC. Marilyn loves helping RMC clients with any and everything related to accessing RMC services. Our clients love her friendly and kind manner and positive attitude. Marilyn’s passions include her faith, family, baking, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and mission trips.

    Jamie Rasnake is the bookkeeper for RMC. Jamie is a native of WY, born  and raised in Torrington area. Jamie’s responsibilities include oversight of accounts payable and receivable, payroll and financial record keeping. Jamie has a degree from the University of WY in Ag Business. Jamie and her family also raise cattle and farm near Torrington, WY. She is married to Tim and has two kids, Kaylee and Chase.

    Andrea Davis-Cetina is the social media director of RMC, she manages all of our social media accounts providing business resources for ranchers and farmers. She also assists in marketing our programs through our online presence and oversees ProfitTips. Andrea knows from personal experience the difficulty in accessing quality agricultural information, she prides herself on sharing information that can help improve business operations on any ranch or farm. Andrea holds a BA in Sustainable Agriculture with a focus on Local Food Systems from Hampshire College. When not in front of her laptop, she can be found out in the vegetable field where she is the owner/ farmer of Quarter Acre Farm, a certified organic vegetable operation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Ranch Management Consultants was founded by Stan Parsons, who was raised on a large farming operation in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia.) After earning his MS in Agricultural Economics and PhD in reproductive physiology, Stan realized he still didn’t know much about how to make money in agriculture. To remedy that, Stan read widely on business management while he was a professor of farm management and agricultural economics at the University of Rhodesia & Nyasaland. Repeated demands by local farmers associations led to his first course on the application of business management to agriculture in 1969. Stan Parsons teamed up with Allan Savory and together they worked on a ‘holistic’ approach to ranch management, combining grazing management and animal husbandry with business management. When they started operating in the US in 1979, demand for their services outpaced their resources. Stan and Allan parted company in 1983, when Stan established Ranch Management Consultants and began teaching Ranching for Profit Schools.

Stan moved back to Zimbabwe in 1998. In 2001 he sold RMC to Dave and Kathy Pratt. Dave, who had a history of innovative research and teaching in his role as Livestock/Range Management Advisor in the University of California Cooperative Extension Service, had been teaching Ranching for Profit Schools for Stan since 1992. In the 18 years under Dave and Kathy Pratt, Ranch Management Consultants has held over 100 schools in the US and Canada.


In 2019 Dallas Mount purchased RMC from Dave and Kathy Pratt. Dallas and his staff run RMC from Wheatland, Wyoming where Dallas, his wife Dixie and their teenage kids also operate a small grazing business. Dallas has been teaching profit and resource focused ranch business management since 2001. As an Extension Educator with University of Wyoming, Dallas developed and taught ranch management courses but hadn’t experienced anything close to what he experienced as a student at the Ranching for Profit School. After finally convincing Dave Pratt to bring him on, Dallas began teaching RFP in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Dallas and his staff strive to uphold the tradition of excellence in teaching, curriculum and alumni support established by Stan and Dave.