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Each day you will gain new perspectives, skills and tools to restructure your ranch to produce sustainable profit. This outline provides a list of some of the things you’ll be able to do as a result of participating in the class:

Day 1: People, Ecology, Production & Economics (Overview)

    Schools typically start at 2:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. The first day ends with a dinner hosted by RMC for participants to get acquainted. Day one builds a strong foundation, setting the stage for the outcomes you’ll achieve for the rest of the week.

Day 2: Economics & People

  • Apply the 3 secrets for increasing profit to your farm or ranch.
  • Determine how accounts should be organized for your ranch.
  • Improve communication at home and in your business.
  • Establish clear goals for you, your family, and your business and develop plans to achieve them.
  • Differentiate between working in the business (the $10/hour jobs) vs. working on the business (the $100-$1,000/hour work).
  • Define roles and performance targets for everyone who works in and on your ranch and create a system to hold people accountable for results without damaging relationships.
  • Develop a management succession plan that ensures continuity into the future.
  • Prepare the next generation for management authority and responsibility.

DAY 3: Economics & Finance

  • Apply the 7 step Ranching For Profit Economic Model to your business and identify profit drivers and “deadwood.”
  • Complete an enterprise analysis for each part of your business.
  • Calculate gross margins and use them to make better production decisions.
  • Project and manage your cash flow.
  • Use key performance indicators and benchmarking to find strengths and weaknesses in your business.
  • Find strategies for increasing profit for your farm or ranch.
  • Apply the 3 “R’s” of credit and other financial principles to make you more financially secure and make your farm or ranch more efficient.
  • Identify options to capitalize and concessionize fixed assets to put your money to work.

Day 4: Ecology & Grazing

  • Assess the health of your property.
  • Identify tactics for improving soil health and the condition of your ranch ecosystem without expensive inputs.
  • Determine the carrying capacity of your ranch.
  • Increase the carrying capacity of your ranch without seeding, spraying, fertilizing, brush clearing or other expensive, counterproductive practices.
  • Create a property development plan.

Day 5: Grazing & Production

  • Build a feed bank.
  • Troubleshoot pasture and animal performance problems.
  • Apply the five principles of cell grazing to increase carrying capacity and improve the health of your land while reducing costs.
  • Create growing season and dormant season grazing plans incorporating wildlife considerations, production risk, personal needs and other factors.
  • Drought proof your business.
  • Improve the nutrition your livestock get from grazing.
  • Design a supplementation program that will support high performance and minimize costs.
  • Apply the six basic principles for improving reproductive performance in your herd.

Day 6: Ecology & People

  • Develop a business structure that fits your environment and works with nature’s cycles.
  • Compare the profitability of alternative production strategies for enterprises.
  • Find strategies to effectively manage the challenges unique to your business.
  • Experience first hand the value of having an objective, experienced board of peer advisors.
  • Draft a plan to apply Ranching For Profit principles to the challenges facing your ranch.

Day 7: People & Management (Class ends at noon)

  • Determine a policy for working on your business on a regular basis.
  • Manage your time by applying five principles of time management.
  • Finalize your plan to apply Ranching For Profit principles to your ranch.

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