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Dynamic classroom presentations, concise facilitation, leading people to their personal
ah-ha moments, and after-hours one-on-one coaching, these things have earned Ranching For Profit School instructors their reputation for excellence. Each RFP teacher has a rich practical background in ranching. They spend two years learning the RFP curriculum and the RFP teaching processes inside and out, before they teach their first class.





Dave Pratt








Dave PrattDave Pratt is one of the most sought after speakers on sustainable agriculture and profitable ranching in the world today. He has taught the Ranching for Profit School in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia and Africa.

Dave grew up on a small ranch and worked for cattle and sheep ranchers in Northern California where he learned ranching from the bottom up. In addition to his practical roots, Dave holds BS and MS degrees from the University of California and Washington State University. A Range and Livestock Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension Service for 15 years, Dave researched management intensive grazing and strategic issues impacting the sustainability of ranches. While with the University, he earned a reputation for innovative teaching with a practical edge. Dave was instrumental in developing the Sustainable Ranching Research & Education Project, a large-scale, long-term effort to develop, research and demonstrate economic, environmental and socially sustainable ranching practices. He also co-founded the California Grazing Academy, which provided ranchers hands-on experience applying management intensive grazing.

Dave began working with Stan Parsons, who created the Ranching for Profit School and founded Ranch Management Consultants, in 1991. Dave began teaching the Ranching for Profit School in 1992. In April 1999 Dave became CEO of Ranch Management Consultants, Inc.









Allan Crockett










Allan CrockettAllan Crockett graduated from the University of Arizona in 1985 with a degree in Animal Science and Business. Since that time, he has managed cattle ranches, owned his own cattle and horse businesses and worked as a ranch consultant and facilitator in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Allan began facilitating ranch families, teams and businesses in the early 1990’s. He has experienced first hand the successful results that can occur as people find common ground, develop a vision, hold each other accountable, and work together to achieve their goals. Working in diverse environments, he’s found that the concepts taught in the Ranching For Profit School and Executive Link apply in Canada, Mexico, the United States, and for that matter, any other part of the world.










Dallas Mount










Dallas MountDallas Mount continues to learn from the best ranchers and business leaders and enjoys sharing this through his teaching. Dallas’ background includes ranch work in the cow-calf, yearling, feedlot and hay production segments. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Colorado State University in Animal Science and quickly began learning all the other important aspects running a business that raises livestock. Working with the University of Wyoming Extension service since 2001, Dallas has sat at hundreds of kitchen tables helping ranchers understand the economic and financial aspects of running their ranch businesses. His passions include teaching profit and resource focused ranch management schools and workshops, where he constantly learns from innovative ranchers. Dallas has been interacting with Ranch Management Consultants since 2010 and is currently a teacher of the Ranching for Profit School and a facilitator of the Executive Link Program.  Dallas still manages to get his boots dirty as he operates a cell-grazing operation with his wife and kids near Wheatland, WY.







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