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Here’s what alumni had to say about the Ranching For Profit School

Toby Holsted

“For anyone thinking about ranching, this course will repay the tuition
ten fold in the first year of business.  One major mistake avoided due
to the education gained here will more than pay for the tuition and
expenses, and, in some cases, may just save your entire business.”
 Rhonda Bolton, Texas

Tim Downing

“Ranching for Profit gave us the tools to make a successful life
out of what seemed a horrible lost cause.”
George Reid, Alberta

Derek Schwanebeck

“The thoughts and ideas presented at the school challenge your ideas about ranching.
It’s changed my mental attitude. I’m excited about the future of ranching again.”
Rick Doud, South Dakota

John Locke


“By taking this course 2 years ago we are now making profit.”
Jasmin Schellenberg, British Columbia

Tex and Teylor Goates

“Tremendous wake up! You've provided me with tools to analyze
my information.  I haven't found this anywhere else.”
Robert Smith, Alberta

John Maddux

“I was considering building a bigger barn for farm equipment.
After the course I decided to sell some equipment that was not
being used and buy more livestock and not build the barn.”
Tony Foltin, Texas

John Schipf


“The course will blow your mind! It’s value to our business, I think, is 100 fold what it cost
to attend. The range of  subjects covered is broader than I ever thought possible.”
John Powell, Texas

“This course is definitely the business school of ranching.
It is the best investment that we have made in our ranch since we started.”
Clayton Greber, Alberta

Cleve Witham

“Your school is the best value/return on investment that I’ve found in ranching.”
Michael O’Connor, Texas

“Outstanding! The instructors managed to take a huge variety
of experience levels and make it work for everyone.”
Jim Lusk, Montana

Jack Baird

“The cost of the school would have been a steal at ten times the cost.”
Mac Legault,  Colorado

“An excellent course. I learned more in five days than in four years of college.”
C. Curry Campbell, Texas

Brett Nix

“Now I know where to concentrate my efforts to improve profit.
The planning processes for  “Working on the Business" has improved
the working relationship of my wife and me significantly.”
Tom Wing, South Dakota

“The course gave me concrete tools to analyze every aspect of my businesses.
It challenged preconceived ideas and helped me to open my mind to previously
unexplored possibilities. I fully expect this course to give the greatest return
on investment in our business (and personal lives).”
Fiona McConney, Alberta

“This is a tremendous school with stimulating ideas to enhance
the profitability of your ranching business. A must for anyone
who truly wants to enhance their range resource.”
Blake Huntley, Montana

“The Ranching for Profit School is to ranching what a bridle is to horsemanship.
It is a tool that’s given me control of my business.”
Glen Barlow, Wyoming

Bart Story

This school has been a gold mine of information and ideas.”
Richard Parry, Colorado

“I don't think my business would survive without Ranching For Profit.”
Jeremiah Dailey, Kansas

Wes McAllister

“Taking the school and joining Executive Link is the most rewarding
investment our family has ever made. Every dollar spent has been
returned 50 times in hard currency and quality of life.”
Cam Gardner, Alberta

I see simple solutions to major problems that perplexed me for years.”
George Shadbold, Nebraska

Jay Wommack

“What a concept - you can be in ranching and be profitable.”
Agee Smith, Nevada

“Ranching for Profit gave me the tools it takes to build
a profitable business in an unprofitable industry.”
Josh Hoy, Kansas

James McAllen

“Incalculable value to my business and my life.”
Ron Goddard, Montana

“Hands down, this is the best investment we have ever made in our business.”
Clint Olson, Oklahoma

Kim and Brendan Beatty

“I learned more about the business of ranching in one week
than I learned in the last 20 years.”
Al McKelvie, British Columbia

“The bottleneck in most of the businesses in my group was poor family
relations and communication. This process opens mouths, open minds
and releases stress and fears.  You take the fear out of ranching.”
Paul Hawks, Montana

Adrienne Larrew and Dan Lorenz

“This class was the most informative week of my life.”
Brent Hoffner, Wyoming

“I’ve been procrastinating coming to this class for three years.
If I had not procrastinated my business would be better, my range
and pasture would be better and my quality of life would be better.”
Dave Berry, Alberta





More Alumni Comments










“The changes we have made have allowed the two of us to ranch full time.
It’s very exciting.”
Tom Krawiec, Alberta

“My husband and I can now work as a team. We are both on the same page.”
Sharon Bedford, Montana

David Brewer

“I appreciated that the instructor was interested in each one of us and
made a point of spending some time with each of us.”
Linda Russ, California

“I have learned more about ranching in seven days than I have in the last 20 years.”
Don Halladay, Alberta

Ty Walker

“I tell people the course was worth $50,000 a year to me.
That’s a little understated, but they have a hard time believing me at that figure.”
 Mike Hammond, Montana

“This course has given me the nuts and bolts tools to assure my ranch cattle and
recreational operations will be profitable well into my family’s future.”
Mike Bonnheim, California

Johnny Cozad

“Wow! I should have taken this course years ago! What an experience.
We were given tools to make our business much more profitable.
No finger pointing simply – “Here are the tools;
we hope you’ll use them and we’re here to support you in the future.” Thank you.”
Roland Cailliau, Alberta

“This is the most interesting and exciting course week I have had
in the business of ranching.  An extremely intense and enjoyable week.”
Lyle Slater, Saskatchewan

Rich Wilcke

“RFP helped stop the bleeding. Be prepared for revolutionary thinking.”
John Marble, Oregon

“The Ranching for Profit school is a well thought out,
intense way to improve your operation and life.
It gave me some tools that I didn't know existed.
I have been looking for these tools for 25 years.”
David Baird, Montana

Peter Bauer

“Valuable information, valuable people and a great time.
I think what we have learned will benefit us for generations.”
Cheri Hermanson, Saskatchewan

“Non stop. Introduced things that never entered my mind.
Everyone was very supportive, sharing ideas. This material could double our bottom line.”
Norman Satterle, California

Doug and Theresa Gillham

“Worth every penny spent. In fact, we couldn’t afford not to attend this school.”
Kathy Harrison, Alberta

“For a person starting out the information was invaluable.
The time and money saved in avoiding mistakes will be 10 times the cost of the course.”
Tom Colpitts, Oklahoma

“It was on the second day of the school that I realized the course had paid for itself.”
Doug E. Simpson, Alberta

“Ranching for Profit gives you the tools to change your life
and the tools are user friendly, not overwhelming.”
Lynn Locatelli DVM, Nebraska

Steven Redd

“Ranch Management Consultants has figured out not only what we need to know
to make profit, but also the most effective teaching methods to get us to learn it.”
Margaret Lynn, Saskatchewan

“This school gave me the tools I need to get my farm back on track.
It showed me how to split my farm into different enterprises,
to find out where money could be made and where we lose it.
This school is for more than just ranching.”
Gerald Bos, Manitoba

Mark Kossler

“This class opened my eyes to a myriad of new thoughts and
gave me a sanity check not just on the ranch but on life.”
Jim Fauver, Utah

“When choosing to move my operation from grain to grass,
RFP helped me by presenting me with the depth of understanding
needed to make the right choices the first time.”
 Steven Pylot, Alberta

“Concepts learned in RFP are invaluable to prepare you and your family
for a smooth transition to the next generation. The support is there
to take you and your business to the next level.”
Bob Jones, Montana

Cam Gardner

“I came to this school with no knowledge of cattle or ranching in any form.
Now that I have completed the school, I have the tools and knowledge
to make a realistic decision if this is the business for me. The nice
 thing about this is, I can apply the tools to any type of business.”
Ian Phipps, Florida

“I learnt more in six days about the ‘business’ of ranching,
than I had in two years of college and 15 years of ranching.
A must for any young persons wanting to enter into the ranching industry.”
Greg Griffin, Alberta







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