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There are several ways in which Ranch Management Consultants differ from mainstream agricultural education programs.

Philosophy: Ranching/Farming with Nature
The emphasis in conventional agriculture has been to increase production using fossil fuel technology. Much of the energy used, personal stress and costs in farming and ranching come from fighting nature. We have found that economic and financial stability are seldom associated with maximum production. Working with nature results in fundamental improvements to the economic and biological health of the business and can dramatically improve the lifestyle of the people on the ranch.

Comprehensive Content
In less than a week we cover more topics more effectively than any other course in agriculture. We integrate proven livestock production principles with economic, financial and business principles. Topics include economics, finance, personal & team effectiveness, succession planning, ecology, soil health, grazing management, drought, risk management, reproduction and nutrition. You’ll learn how to create an effective team with everyone working toward the same goals and objective standards to measure your progress. You’ll learn critical communication, analytical and planning skills.

Education isn’t enough. It is implementation that grows more grass, produces more animals, puts money in your pocket and improves the relationships on your ranch. At the Ranching For Profit School each student creates an “Action Plan” showing how they will implement the things they learned at the school to improve their business and their land.

Interactive Teaching
We pride ourselves on being innovative teachers. After too many years of being subjected to dull and boring lectures at school and college, we know that being ‘talked at’ is a particularly ineffective way to learn. As one of our teachers likes to put it, “education is not a process of cramming things in, it is a process or drawing things out.” Our small group approach with constant interaction and direct application to the participant’s own situation makes for a fun learning environment. Inevitably we get high praise for teaching style and frequent suggestions that we ought to run a teaching course for college instructors.

Unequaled Commitment to Follow-up
Most people leave most courses with good ideas and good intentions and achieve no results. Our after-school follow-up ensures the successful implementation of your plans. Our Executive Link Program provides the support, structure and accountability people often need to make the breakthrough to a healthy, prosperous business. Through our coaching program we work with you to apply Ranching For Profit principles to your business from the comfort and convenience of your home.






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